Full-Stack Digital Marketing Agency

From zero to over one million followers since 2020.

Kupa Creative Group, a Full-Stack Digital Marketing Agency, is a comprehensive service provider that offers a wide range of digital marketing services across various platforms and channels.

Web Design

Over 50 completed websites since 2020 in eight countries, including shopping, etc.

Content Strategy

Over 1,000 articles and social media posts published since 2020.

Data Analytics

Data-driven digital marketing solutions that include analytics and strategic marketing.


All websites are fully SEO-serviced, being visible on Google and other AI enabled Search.

Email Marketing

Managing over 20 clients’ mailing lists and running email marketing campaigns.

Social Media

Managing over multiple social media channels for diversified clients across Africa.


Smart, Strategic, Strong Results

Kupa Creative Group (Pty) Ltd is a South African based digital marketing that has delivered smart, strategic, strong results to its clients in diverse industries and multiple markets across Africa.